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Our primary mission is the customers/members satisfaction. We are known for our quality and trust. Our golf courses are well-maintained and are established with latest amenities. We have professionals who provide adequate training to all level of players. Working men/women, we are here to serve you as well! We are open on weekends exclusively for you. Moreover, we do provide coaching during the weekends. Further, we have a tie-up with associations that conduct golf tournaments nationally and internationally. Well, you can still join us to play the game although you are not interested in taking up the coaching.   

Many players lack the basic rules and procedures of the game. We train from the basics i.e. explaining the rules and regulations of the game as per the standards. Apart from coaching, we frequently conduct tournaments at a different level to train the players to reach great heights.  This gives them a good exposure in playing. Players registered for coaching get a complete kit containing the basic golf accessories.

Looking for an equipment to play golf? This place is a complete stop to meet your needs. We sell high-end golf clubs such as drive, wooden or irons, etc., each constructed in accordance with the prescribed standards. Besides that, we sell golf bag designed exclusively to carry your golf clubs, balls, gloves and other golf equipment. The bag comes with the wheels. You can either carry them or pull them as you may prefer. In addition to these, we also sell shoes customized for playing golf. They are normally a metal or plastic spikes designed to increase traction in order to hit long and accurate strikes.

All of our services are offered at a nominal rate. Further, our membership comes in different packages. Visit our website to know more details. Members can use the services anytime and also get a discount on the purchase of any golf equipment. Become a member and avail extraordinary benefits!