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  • If so, then it is the right time to get started with Golf. Golf is a relaxed game which can be played alone or with a team.

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. To get started with golf, all you needed to know is the fundamental rules of the game which we are here to help you.  

Know the basics

Golf is an ancient sports game originated in Scotland. This is a peaceful and a relaxed game enjoyed all over the world. Golf is also a ball sports game like many other popular sports such as football, cricket, tennis, etc. Amateurs and professionals enjoy this game. There are golf tournaments held throughout the year and players compete with each other to bang titles.

Golf requires keen concentration and precision. The basis of this game is to hit a ball in a string of pockmark using a golf stick/bat. The golf stick/bat is called the club. The ball has to hit the hole with a lesser number of strokes.

The game has its own rules and regulations that are internationally standardized by a special organization called "The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews" (R&A) and the "United States Golf Association". Golfers have to abide by their guidelines called "golf etiquette" that explains player's obligation, the pace of the play, safety measures, etc.

Some of the golf tournaments held internationally are the Masters Tournament, the U.S Open, the Players Championship, British Open, Nova Scotia Open, the Memorial Tournament, The PGA Championship, etc.          

Equipment to possess

Well, to begin playing golf on a golf course, you need to possess a golf ball and a club. A Golf player (Golfer) can possess a maximum of 14 clubs each varying in size, length, and the angle. There are many accessories available for clubs. However, the clubs must be in accordance with the rules as prescribed by the governing body. Being a beginner, you can start playing with the basic club and a ball.

The Fundamentals

To play golf, you need a course i.e. a land customized to play this game. A typical golf course is a broad area consisting of 18 holes, each being special in its design and pattern categorically. The holes are placed at a different location, and the players are required to hit the ball in each of the holes. There are recreational golf courses with 9 holes wherein the golf players' play twice to complete a full game.

Golfers start the game from the "teeing ground" - the area that elevates the golf ball when hit and aiming the ball towards the "putting green" - the area where the hole is located. The green area of the golf course is called the "fairway" which runs between the teeing area and the putting green. There is no standardized area size for a golf course. The length of the teeing area to the putting the green varies depending on the golf course. The fact that makes this game interesting is, at times, golfers may not be able to see the green from teeing area. They need to calculate the distance and strike the ball accordingly. Each golf course has varied terrains and slope. Adjusting to the different terrains of the golf course is the challenging factor in this game. Some golf courses are purposely built with a different length of turf or grass to increase the difficulty of playing. The grass near the hole will be short and smooth to facilitate the ball to hit the hole. You may also find sand dunes, rocks, water (lakes and ponds) in a golf field.

A Golfer begins the game by initiating his/her first strike using the club from the teeing area. The strike is always based on the length of the hole and the golfer gets to play until the ball is holed regardless of the number of strikes. Golfers use different clubs to hit the ball based on the distance. Typically, golfers use the drive club to strike the ball when the hole is at a little far. Post which, shorter strikes are initiated using different clubs. The final stroke of the ball getting to the goal is called as "sinking the putt" or "holing out".